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Become a Member of the Lincoln Club of San Luis Obispo County today!

Together, we will foster education and advocacy of Lincoln’s principles that live on through the Conservative Movement.  We will work together to encourage and support like-minded leaders at all levels of government. These principles are:

  • Each individual is responsible for his own place in a free society.
  • Government should be limited to doing for people those things that they cannot do for themselves.
  • Governmental power and resources should be kept close to the people.
  • The individual’s opportunity to succeed should be limited only by his/her own initiative and enterprise.
  • Individuals should be free to use their talents in a competitive free-enterprise system.
  • Peace and freedom must be protected by an America that maintains a defensive force strong enough to deter aggression.
  • The People should control their own and the government’s pocketbook.
  • Solutions to problems lie in the greatness of the American people — people helping people through a hand up, not a hand out.

A one year membership starts the day you pay your dues:*

  • $75 — Youth Membership (Under 30)
  • $150 — Individual Membership
  • $250 — Couples Membership

*All dues and funds raised support candidates and all the Board serve without remuneration.