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LAFCO – Local Agency Formation Commission’s Purpose

The Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act of 2000 calls on the Local Agency Formation Commission to make decisions while balancing the following goals:

Editor’s Note: Another little known commission directly affecting our community, economy, and freedoms and why it is so important to populate the commission with Conservative principled personnel.

Encourage Orderly Growth and Development

LAFCO considers proposals for the formation of new local governmental agencies including Cities and Special Districts.  LAFCO is also responsible for considering annexations and detachments for agencies.  LAFCO also determines the Sphere of Influence, which is a plan for the probable physical boundary of a City or Special District.

Promoting Efficient Provision of Public Services

LAFCO reviews proposals based on a variety of factors including:  a plan for services submitted by the agency, resource and infrastructure capacity, and the need for services.

Preserve Agricultural Land Resources

LAFCO considers the impact that a proposal may have on existing agricultural lands with focus on prime agricultural lands.  San Luis Obispo LAFCO has adopted specific policies regarding the preservation of agricultural resources.

Discourage Urban Sprawl

Urban sprawl can best be described as irregular and disorganized growth occurring without apparent design or plan.  By discouraging sprawl, LAFCO limits the misuse of land resources and promotes a more efficient system of services by local governmental agencies.


The Commission is comprised of seven (7) Regular Members (two county, two city, two special district, and one public member), and four (4) Alternate Members (one county, one city, one special district, and one public member), each serving four-year terms. Current members and their term expiration dates are:

Chairperson, Roberta Fonzi, City Member, City of Atascadero, December 2014
Vice Chairperson, Tom Murray, Public Member, December 2016
Muril Clift,Special District Member, Cambria Community Services District, December 2016
Bruce Gibson, County Board Member, District 2 Supervisor, December 2015
Frank Mecham, County Board Member, District 1 Supervisor, December 2017
Duane Picanco, City Member, City of Paso Robles, December 2015
Marshall Ochylski, Special District Member, December 2014

Alternate Commissioners

David Brooks, Public Member, December 2016
Adam Hill, County Board Member, District 3 Supervisor, December 2015
Robert Enns, Special District Member, December 2017
Kris Vardas, City Member, City of Pismo Beach, December 2017

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