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This week the Lincoln Club Board voted to boldly support Republican candidates in two county races: Lynn Compton, running for County Supervisor against Democrat Caren Ray and to Dan Dow, running for County District Attorney. Ray was appointed by Governor Brown to fill the seat vacated by Paul Texeira’s untimely and tragic death; Dow is the only Republican running for District Attorney and is backed by all of the Deputy District Attorney’s and most of the law enforcement associations in the County. Each requested and received $5000 donations from the Lincoln Club.

Some would argue that the donations were too large, but I would point out that we spent much more than that to keep Ed Waage’s seat on the Pismo City Council when the Democrat Party targeted him with significant party funds to his opponent after his unsuccessful bid to unseat Supervisor Adam Hill. I also remember an event that occurred back in 2008 during Debbie Arnold’s first campaign for County Supervisor. I was in her office on the Friday prior to the election when a check for $10,000 arrived from a generous supporter. The money was appreciated of course, but it was too late to be effectively used in the campaign. Debbie was being subjected to a last-minute “robo-call” smear campaign and she didn’t have the funding available to mount an effective rebuttal. She lost that election but went on in 2012 to unseat Democrat-supported Jim Patterson to win the supervisorial seat for the North County’s 5th District. Keeping a healthy reserve in a bank account may make members feel good about the organization, even earn some interest on our money, but it earns us no political capital. The Lincoln Club exists to help elect Republican candidates to local and state offices. We do that by making larger campaign contributions that have been bundled together from our members, strategically targeted where they will have the most impact. The contributions made this week will enable both candidates to plan ahead and commit resources early, in addition to making a “splash” in the next financial reporting period. It’s sad but a fact that many donors, especially large donors, will lend their support only to perceived winners, “winner” being defined as someone able to raise enough money to have a credible chance of winning.

Lynn Compton’s campaign is gathering steam and expanding her support base. Her election is imperative as the County Supervisors sit on numerous regulatory boards and commissions beyond that of the County Supervisor’s Office. Land and water use, air pollution regulations and property rights are all under siege in SLO County. If Caren Ray holds onto Paul Texeira’s supervisorial seat, expect an avalanche of burdensome regulations to be implemented upon homeowners, businesses, farms and ranchers, with Supervisors Hill and Gibson enforcing their extreme environmental agenda for the next four years. “Smart Growth” stack and pack high-density housing policies will be ensconced in regulatory cement and virtually impossible to overturn.

Dan Dow is obviously posing a threat to his Democrat-backed opponent as Dow is being smeared as a “religious extremist” and “tea party” candidate in a recent flyer. If going to church on Sunday makes one an extremist, I guess Dan qualifies as he and his family regularly attend one of the oldest congregations in Atascadero. As for being a Tea Party candidate, Dan is a Republican who listens to all of his constituents, from every political persuasion. No doubt some are members of the Tea Party, some are old guard Republicans, many are independents and some are even Democrats. I think it’s of considerable note that every single Deputy District Attorney in the county is backing Dan Dow for District Attorney. That wouldn’t happen if Dan had anything less than exemplary character. 

On a national level, we are facing the greatest threat to the survival of the Republic since the Civil War. The Obama administration is implementing the long-desired agenda of the extreme left to dismantle American national security defenses. Yes, everyone is tired after more than a decade of war, but wars end when both sides agree to stop fighting; just quitting the field doesn’t end threats to our national security. I’ve written a number of articles in the Atascadero News about the escalating threats to our national survival and the dangers of a weak, indecisive foreign policy. America is not only largely alone after Obama cast most of our friends adrift; we are now mistrusted by virtually every long-term ally. 

Obama’s White House staff has repeatedly thrown Israel under the bus by leaking secrets that put Israel’s national security at risk and giving advantage to enemies sworn to destroy her people. We’ve insulted the British and abandoned friends in Eastern Europe who are now forced to face an awakened Russian Bear from its decades-long hibernation. The people of the Ukraine are helpless as their country is being dismantled and Obama threatens another “Red Line” for the Russians not to cross. Somehow, the former KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin is not particularly impressed by Obama’s threat to make another speech before he goes to “happy hour” or the next round of golf. 

The fact is we have few credible military options as the Russians have all of the home court advantages while we have virtually none. Obama has been systematically dismantling our nuclear deterrent since he came into office, cut our ballistic missile defenses, surrendered air superiority for the next generation, is mothballing about a third of our Navy and cutting about a third of the combat power of the Army and Marines. Fighting any war will be extremely difficult and the outcome by no means assured. In WWII, we fielded 16 million troops, 50,000 aircraft and 5000 ships to destroy the Nazi and Japanese juggernauts. Within five years of the end of WWII, we had so demobilized and debilitated our military forces that when the North Koreans attacked South Korea in June, 1950, we were nearly driven off the Korean peninsula into the sea, “a la Dunkirk.” Under General MacArthur’s leadership, we rebounded and re-took the offensive, but it cost 8000 American lives in less than five months. The last time that happened was in the period December, 1941 to April, 1942. The Japanese assault in the Pacific sank 81 American and allied ships of the American Asiatic Fleet in four months while inflicting 25,000 casualties on American forces. In both cases, Korea in 1950 and the Southwest Pacific in 1941-42, we were able to recover and regain the offensive and ultimately achieve a hard-fought victory. We had an enormous industrial base and were unified in purpose. Neither condition exists today; the next war could very well be our last war and the end of the Republic.

Defeating the democrats by regaining the U.S. Senate is imperative, but it requires retaining our hold on the House of Representatives and a unified effort to capture the Senate. Failure to achieve either objective will mean Obama continues for the remainder of his term to ignore the laws of the land, dismiss the will of the Congress and complete the dismantling of our national defenses. We will be broke and have our military power reduced to that of a third world nation, forced to stand idly by as dictators like Putin of Russia, or the tyrants of North Korea, Iran or China bully and cow the free world into submission. To win, we must put aside our minor differences, unite and act in unison! It’s up to you, me and every American who loves their country to stand united and take back America! Please join us in the Republican Party and make your vote count. We ask for your support; we ask you to join the Lincoln Club or to simply become more active in your community on behalf of candidates that reflect the values that made America a great nation, the values of Faith, Family, Freedom, Hope and Opportunity.

Al Fonzi
President, Lincoln Club, SLO County
Chairman, 5th District, SLOCo Republican Party

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