All Politics Is Local

It has been said, for good reason, that “all politics is local.”  And we sure are seeing that here in SLO County, as the reconfigured Board of Supervisors is already moving our county in the right direction.

Do you want to make an impact on local politics?  If the answer is yes, the BEST POSSIBLE THING you can do is become a member of the Lincoln Club.

We are the only political group in SLO County that devotes almost 100% of our money to local Republican campaigns.  Our board is all-volunteer.  Our operating costs are minimal.  We take the money collected from our membership dues, and we allocate it to candidates.  In 2014, we had tremendous success.  2016 will be tougher and we must build our coffers.

Join our group now at  It takes just minutes.  Make a difference.


Jordan Cunningham, SLO Lincoln Club President

P.S.  Stay tuned for details on a social event, a “membership mixer” if you will, in the fall.

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