• The Congressional Impasse; aka Harry Reid

    We continuously hear criticism of the “do nothing congress.” The reason why nothing is being accomplished to address the myriad problems besetting this nation lay in one man, Senator Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada and the Senate Majority Leader.

    Senator Reid has bottled up 357 bills sent from the Republican controlled House of Representatives, which includes the Immigration Bill passed on August 1st, refusing to bring them to the floor of the Democrat-controlled Senate for debate let alone a vote. Of these bills, 98% are bipartisan and 2/3 of the bills were passed by a 2/3 majority vote, in some cases unanimously; 55 of them were authored by democrats, yet Reid steadfastly refuses to bring them to the floor of the Senate.

    In the Senate, Republicans are continuously denied the right to add amendments. The latest example of this occurred the last week the Senate was in session prior to the summer recess when Republicans were denied the right to submit any amendments to the Senate version of an Immigration Bill. In two years, only 9 amendments have been accepted by Reid and Senate Democrats whereas in the House, controlled by Republicans, a single bill had 15 amendments added by a Democrat congresswoman without Republican objection. This type of hyper-partisanship is the reason why the nation is facing a legislative roadblock in the face or international chaos and a humanitarian crisis on the southern U.S. border. Reid is determined to protect the President and his party from making hard choices while continuing to blame Republicans in the House for every legislative failure to address the nation’s problems.

    Every patriotic American and political candidate, regardless of political persuasion, should be writing every newspaper, e-mailing every friend and relative, writing and calling every U.S. Senator and calling in to every TV and Radio program with a political venue to protest the obstructionism of Senator Harry Reid and his democrat allies. The business of the nation cannot wait for the President to make time out of his busy fundraiser schedule nor can we continue to tolerate the deliberate sabotage of the legislative process by the venality of one man.

    Al Fonzi
    5th District Chairman, Republican Party, SLO County
    President, SLO County Lincoln Club
  • San Luis Obispo Republican Women Federated

    San Luis Obispo Republican Women organized over 50 years ago with Mary Bell Romero as the first President in 1963.  In the early days of SLORWF meetings were luncheons at the Motel Inn.  Republican Headquarters were in the Andrews building across the street from the County Courthouse.  According to longtime member Gloria Mandells, Republicans were in charge which made it easier to get   big time speakers including Barry Goldwater, Jr. The Editor of the Telegram Tribune. George Brand was a Democrat but his wife was a good Republican and somehow the club received great  publicity.  Times have certainly changed in that regard. JoAnn Jennnings remembers dues were $12 per year (they are now $30). Headquarters had moved to a carpet store on South Higeura. JoAnn worked in the office of Congressman Burt Talcott until he lost an election to a Democrat.
    Luncheon meetings were moved to the Madonna Inn in the 80s. There are lots of stories to tell about our club but without someone like “historian and La Fiesta Queen”  Del Silva it’s hard to get the details.  We miss her.

    We have subscribed to a mission statement whose objectives are; to promote an informed electorate, to increase the political effectiveness of women, to foster loyalty and to cooperate with official party organizations to work toward electing Republicans and to be an influence on legislation locally and nationally.

    At our June Meeting we had roundtable discussions about our club, a look at ourselves by our members.  Positive discussions explored our Mission Statement, increasing membership and how to attract new and younger members.  We also looked at fundraising as a way to support our goals and how to best support candidates.  This was followed by a retreat at the Cambria home of Sylvia Huth.

    Good ideas came from these meetings and we plan to implement them and strengthen our club.  We all agreed it would be a huge morale boost to work on and campaigns that successfully elect a new Republican President of the United States as well as candidates for Congress and local elections.

    Sally Punches, President
    San Luis Obispo Republican Women Federated